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General Home Repairs

In the Cayman Islands, Access Point is a reputable home maintenance company. designed specifically for all sizes of home restoration and repair projects. In Grand Cayman, we specialize in offering dependable repair, enhancement, maintenance, and wall services. for tasks that are too difficult or time-consuming for you to complete on your own but for which you do not require a general contractor.

We are a group of skilled professionals and tradespeople. We take care of any project you assign us to improve your property.
You may rely on Access Point's skillful service. Your home can be updated, fixed, or improved. We'll make sure your project is completed properly, no matter what it is. We promise it!

Home Improvement
General Home Repairs

We offer a wide range of home repair, including small jobs and appliance installation. Contact our office for more details on you next small job.


Require repairs to drywall or small partitions, than contact us for a quote.

Fan Installation

Have indoor or outdoor fans for replacements or new installations?
Call our professional installation crew for an estimate.

Appliance Installation

We install refrigerators, dryers, washers, microwaves, and numerous more home appliances.

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